Smoky Mountain Man2Man








Ministry for Men

Iron Sharpens Iron

Overseer: Billy Arnett

National Director: Elton Byrd

Eastern Director: Scott Arnett

Northern Director: Josh Bishop


The mission of Man2Man is to help men draw closer to God, with a mandate to be prepared for any emergency that should arise.

We are living in perilous times and, as the day of the Lord approaches, things could get much worse.

Our goal is to re-establish the role of the men in the local church as spiritual leaders, as fathers and husbands, following the ways of righteousness and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Through fellowship and prayer meetings, we are seeing the blessing of God being poured full strength on the men, due to the unity and the commanded blessing.

Man2Man groups are forming in several cities and towns across Kentucky, New York, and Tennessee.

There is something tremendous awaiting our children. As fathers are blessed, so it flows, from the head.

If you would like to establish a M2M group for your church, contact us, attention of one of the directors listed above.

We will be glad to help you get things moving.



Flying WAR

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