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  1. Danny Roy says:

    In December of 2017, we sent a prayer cloth to Galveston, Texas. A woman had a massive heart attack on a cruise ship and was air flighted to a hospital there with no brain activity. We sent our prayer cloth and in 72 hours, the woman awoke and is completely healed. Her and her husband are coming to testify at our church in July.

    -An elderly woman came to our monthly Freedom House and asked for prayer. She had a black spot on her heart and had been having chest pains and had to go to a cardiologist the following week. We prayed life over her and the following month she came back with her doctors reports that her heart was completely healed and… no more spots on her heart.

    March of 2017, Josh Huffman, who is now my spiritual son, came to preach at our church. My wife got a word that Josh’s kidneys were going to be healed. Josh had a severe kidney disease. We prayed over him and the tumors on his kidneys disappeared. The urologist said that the kidneys were completely healed.

    Lame woman walked in Salyersville, Kentucky.
    -While preaching at a Revival in November of 2017, a lame woman who had been bound to a wheel chair for five years from a car accident asked us for prayer, we prayed life into her body and she began to walk again.

    Man healed from walker
    -We sent a prayer cloth to a man in Arkansas who had been bound by a walker due to crippling arthritis, after 10 days of wearing the prayer cloth, he gained strength in his legs and said he no longer needed the walker. God healed and set him free.

    Miracles in the Mist- Are you ready for more? It’s coming.


  2. During their Sunday Home Coming Service at River of Life in Lexington, KY with Pastors Jesse and Regina Acosta, several miracles took place including a woman walking who was confined to a wheelchair, severe back pain eradicated, a knee joint totally healed, and many others were performed by the Holy Spirit through Pastors Rusty and Debbie Roberts from Liberty Worship and Outreach Center in Manchester, KY.


  3. In 2015 I was afflicted with some kind of virus, hospitalized for 6 days, but that didn’t stop the revival. My roommate in the hospital had been attending the Church of Christ for 61 years and had never accepted Christ… during my stay in the hospital he received Jesus as Lord and Master as we prayed with him. Several nurses came to us for ministry. And the head nurse said she had worked at UK med Center for 14 years and had never seen anything like what was taking place… revival!

    Later after returning home, I was afflicted with reactive arthritis and was on a walker. I kept seeking the Lord and finally received a word that from that day and forward He would bring me back to a place of normalcy. During that time the Life of Christ Drama was birthed and we installed the sound system for Covenant Life, one of the premier Church of God facilities in East Tennessee, with Pastors Tony and Cyndi McAfee.

    Today, I am back to that place of normalcy, thanks to The Good Lord and the nurturing of my Beautiful Bride… and ready for phase 2 of WAR REVIVAL: Miracles In The Mist

    – Billy Arnett


  4. In late June I was examined and found to have a bowel obstruction. After prayer, the obstruction was no longer a problem and I have felt better tha I have in years.


  5. The Doctors wanted to do x-rays with bularium on my abdomen and I said yes let’s document the healing. After two hours of searching, they found nothing… NORMAL! Hallelujah! King Jesus!


  6. Agnes Jewel went to UK for a hole in her heart Monday morning. Scotty, her husband said, they had planned on staying the night after the procedure to fix the problem. But the hole was miraculously gone. Hallelujah!


  7. Thor, our German Shepherd, broke out of his pen today and was GONE! He’s solid black and we raised him from a pup. He had never been loose before, and as any year and a half old male will do, he took off and I didn’t have a clue which way. Some of the kids in the neighborhood said they saw him towards Hwy 27. Dana prayed for him to come back home and I jumped in the truck to go find him. As I pulled out of the drive, I heard Dana… Hey! He’s here… and she had him by the collar. Thank you Jesus for answering all our prayers.


  8. Francine Luzak was healed of fourth stage stomach and lung cancer at Sherman Full Gospel in Dry Ridge, KY.


  9. Robby Kenman had a debilitating disease in his body, fingers didn’t work, legs didn’t work, arms didn’t work, but now walks perfect, arms perfect, healed by the stripes of Jesus back at Sherman Full Gospel in Dry Ridge, KY with Pastors Ray and Mary Gaines.


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