Kingdom Bride for women of God… coming in 2018


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Two things that are incredibly important to our Redeemer, are the Kingdom and His Bride. They are what He lives for and… what He died for. Jesus is the door that, at this very moment, is preparing for the fullness of the two.
Kingdom Bride steps through the door, and engages on a mission to help ensure women of their true identity in Christ, their absolute purpose that will make a positive difference within themselves as well as those around them.
Now, women of God will have the opportunity to identify with who they genuinely are and what their divine purpose is here on the earth.


Come and join us this year…
Dana Arnett
Kingdom Bride
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  1. Peter Nawate says:

    Praise the Lord. Am a pastor from kenya and I really admire what you folks are doing for the kingdom of God. This is awesome. Wish could be part of this. But my prayers really goes to you that the Lord shall continue strengthen and use you greatly. God bless you.


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