The WVLR Version is above…

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Below is the WYMT Version…

COVENANT, an Easter Special from Marvellous Works Media Group

The broadcast will feature scenes from the Life of Christ Drama, opening their 2017 Season at Sherman Full Gospel in Dry Ridge, KY near the ARK Encounter, along with music by F-22 RAPTURE, and the promises of God that span the centuries.

Don’t miss Marvellous Work’s production… COVENANT

“Greater is coming.”


  1. Rebecca Fortner says:

    I feel the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank for this anointed broadcast ,the Life of Christ Drama.


  2. Margi Isaac says:

    Dear Dana & Billy,
    I just wanted to let you know how MUCH you have Blessed me with being able to watch this AND listen to your Beautifu music! I have to say that you both pull Heaven to earth THROUGH your giftings! I pray that God will Bless AND Increase His Anointing upon you, your marriage, your giftins and your Ministry for Him!

    Also SO good to know that you pray for those TRUE HEROES (alongside the armed forces fighting for liberty & democracy), who are the FIRST to respond when society needs them – often putting life & limb at risk within the process!

    Love, SHALOM, hugs and God’s Blessings, WITHIN ABUNDANCE, BEYOND ANYTHING THAT YOU AND I CAN EVER ASK FOR UPON YOUR BEHALF, PRAY FOR, HOPE FOR, DREAM OF, OR IMAGINE, Margi 🙂 ❤ xxxx @ Isaac Ministries, Bath, England, United Kingdom.


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