We are in the midst of a great season of blessing, the rains of refreshing are here, the rains of the former and latter rain, all In the same month, and at the same time, the church is experiencing a great falling away.

Sooner than we think, Christians will once again be the minority, and we will be sought out around the world, persecuted as never before by the wicked and the coming kingdom of the Antichrist.

It is becoming ‘not so hard’ for us to visualize now, that soon there will be lamenting, weeping, and mourning for the church. A second voice will be heard… Rachel weeping for her children once again.

In the midst of all this, the sound of a trumpet will be heard with the voice of the arch angel, as suddenly, millions who are ready for take off will disappear into the heavens, leaving behind a world of unparalleled chaos, devastation, and wickedness.

But we will return to God’s Country once again, to set up an eternal kingdom, and all for the glory of God!

For Your glory, and Your honor, Father!

In the meantime…

“Prepare The Host”

Make plans to attend a Man2Man meeting near you, and pray for the launching of Kingdom Bride.

Lights On!

Billy Arnett


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