In 2009, men and women of God from the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee declared WAR on the devil. The first WAR REVIVAL was held in Manchester, KY at Liberty Worship and Outreach Center with Pastors Rusty and Debbie Roberts.

Now, nearly a decade later, the battles rage on. When asked how many were healed, Billy Arnett would simply reply, “All of ’em.” Worshippers have continually celebrated the name of Jesus Christ, and the Cross of Calvary has been the difference in untold numbers of people’s lives, as they are changed through the unity of the brethren and the commanded blessing of God.

Closer to His coming than ever before, WAR REVIVAL fires are still burning brightly and the name of The Lord is lifted high. Join us for the WAR REVIVAL SERIES on Vimeo.




Click on the image above to go to the WAR REVIVAL SERIES Vimeo Page.



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