Mercy One

WAR REVIVAL has a brand new ministry, MERCY ONE.
MERCY ONE is a team of prayer warriors, led by Roy and Darlene Roberts, prepared to intercede on behalf of first responders. Any urgent request is given immediate attention with heartfelt, fervent prayer.
Roy and Darlene’s son, Jake, is a Kentucky State Trooper. After watching them requesting prayer for their son at Liberty Worship and Outreach Center, the Holy Spirit directed me to ask them to pray about heading up this intercessory support group.
They have accepted the role as prayer team (PT) leaders and are on point, prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead for those in need of prayer on the front lines.
If you have a friend or family member that is a first responder, be sure and share the link to the MERCY ONE Power Line.
This week we talked with Jerry Wagner, Director of the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association. Jerry has offered to help us get the word out to sheriff departments all across the state. This is a giant step in the process of getting to the responders and we thank God for favor with our sheriffs.
Blessings to all our men and women across the nation, who daily put their lives at risk for the sake of others.
Mercy One

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